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Business Membership

To be eligible for business membership you must meet one of these criteria.

Businesses and organizations incorporated or otherwise, are eligible for membership in Topside Federal Credit Union if they are composed, for the most part, of the same general group as the Credit Union membership.

  • As long as all the principals in the business are eligible for individual membership in the Credit Union, the business itself can become a member.

  • The principals are typically the owners of the business.  They are called different things depending on the type of business.  The owners of the business are identified in the documents that are provided when membership is established, as follows:

Business Types and Documents required

Sole Proprietorship

Fictitious Name Certificate

General Partnership

Limited Partnership (LP)

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Partnership Agreement

Statement of Partnership Authority

Certificate of Limited Partnership

Statement of Registration as a Domestic Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Articles of Organization


Articles of Incorporation

  • If the organization is an association or club it is eligible for Credit Union membership if all of its members are individually eligible for Credit Union membership. We require that the association or club have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to establish membership.  This is the Employee Identification Number (EIN) of the organization.
  • To verify eligibility all businesses, as part of establishing membership, are required to remit an appropriate “Resolution”.  In remitting this Resolution the principal(s) of the business or organization is certifying that the business meets the eligibility requirements.
  • If the majority of the principals (or members) are not eligible for membership, many organizations are eligible to become an Affiliate of the Credit Union.  Once this Credit Union relationship is established, all of the principals are eligible for membership, thus the business is eligible to establish membership.  As an affiliate, your business/organization can offer the benefits of Credit Union membership to all of its employees/members/volunteers, as well as their families, at no cost to the organization!  For more information on becoming an affiliate please contact us.
  • Credit Union membership: a powerful employee benefit. Topside Federal Credit Union offers high-quality, affordable financial services. If your company or organization chooses to partner with us, this is a benefit that you can offer your employees at NO COST to you! To offer your employees the benefit of Topside Federal Credit Union membership, simply send us a brief letter of request today!  Complete our sample letter, print it on your company or organization letterhead, and mail it to Topside Federal Credit Union at P.O. Box 519, Dahlgren, Virginia  22448.