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Cash Advances



Live carefree! With any of our awesome credit card options, getting a cash advance is simple. Easily go online, to an ATM, or come visit us in branch! Your rate won't go up just for making a cash advance.


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Let us help you reach your financial goals with one of our low rate credit card options. Stop paying higher interest on cash advances and enjoy a VISA at 9.90%APR* or a VISA Preferred at 7.90%APR*.

You can get a cash advance for FREE! Give yourself a cash advance in online banking. Here's how:

  1. Log into your online banking account. 
  2. You can do a funds transfer 2 ways:
  • Click on the three dot kebab on your credit card's account tile, and select "Quick Transfer".


  • In your blue side menu select "Transfers". Under "Transfers", click "Funds Transfer". 

3. Enter the necessary information and click "Transfer". Now you will have the money from your cash advance in your account. Use this to pay off your credit card!


These rates are current as of January 1, 2020. All loans are subject to approval. Programs, rates, conditions and terms are subject to change without notice. Credit Union membership eligibility is required.