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Harmony Loan


Harmony Loans

A feature that allows you to change your interest rate with a simple click. No mortgage refinance needed!



A happy woman eats ice cream with her child after lowering her mortgage rate with the Harmony Loan feature.


Benefits of the Harmony Loan Feature on Your Mortgage



What Is the Harmony Loan Feature?

The HarmonyLoan™ feature of your new mortgage gives you greater economic security – you can initiate interest rate changes at the “click” of your mouse.

  • You must wait 6 months after closing your mortgage before the first opportunity to lower your rate.
  • After the initial 6 months, you can lower your rate as often as every 120 days.
  • Your loan must be current with NO late payments in the past 12 months.
  • To lower your rate, the new rate must reduce your current rate by at least 0.25%.
  • No mortgage refinance is needed, which means no new closing costs or points.
  • No new appraisal, underwriting, credit check, or additional paperwork is needed.
  • If you have a fixed-rate home loan, you can lower your rate throughout your loan term.
  • After you lower your rate, your remaining loan term stays the same – it's not a new loan.
  • If you have an ARM loan, you can use the feature during your initial fixed-rate period.
  • When you use the feature on your ARM, you get a new fixed period with a new interest rate.

The special feature is available with several of our Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and Fixed Rate Mortgages. Check with us to see if your mortgage is eligible!

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A couple celebrate lowering their mortgage rate through the Harmony Loan feature.



“Terrific credit union, very personal and full service. Efficiently operated and in a very polite manner.”

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Enjoy These Products and Services With Your Harmony Loan


Competitive APR*

Get a great rate on your Harmony home loan, whether you choose a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage.

24/7 Account Access

Manage your payments and check your balance anytime you like with free Online and Mobile Banking.

Purchase Calculators

Use a mortgage calculators to find a home loan and payment you can comfortably afford.

Friendly Consultants

Our mortgage experts will give you the information you need to enjoy the home buying process.

Easy Payments

Simply transfer funds from your Topside Checking or Savings account free of charge.



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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.