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Effective August 4th: For the health and safety of our members and our employees, we are requiring all members, visitors, and staff to wear face masks inside our branch lobbies.  We have expanded our drive-thru services to accommodate members who cannot wear a face mask. Please call us at 540.663.2181 if you need additional information.
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Member Services: Automated Phone Banking

Make transactions anytime, from any touch-tone* phone; Simplify your life with faster, easier money from your credit union.


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To make transactions on UNO, you enter a four to sixteen digit Authorization Code number at the start of each call. Your Authorization Code protects your accounts from unauthorized access.

Here's what you can do

  • Check your account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Withdraw funds
  • And more...all with no fee

You'll also enjoy these time-saving, money management advantages

  • Fewer trips to the credit union, although we do love seeing you!
  • Multiple transactions in one call
  • Fingertip access to your accounts virtually 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Easy-to-use guide taking you through each transaction
  • At-a-glance wallet card for calls away from home
  • An itemized list of UNO transactions on your statement
  • Complete security (UNO cannot transfer money to another person's account or send checks to another person's address)

Toll Free from any Touch-tone phone

Click here for a Call Flow Sheet

UNO Hints

  • Pressing * will return you to the previous menu
  • Pressing 3* will return you to the main menu
  • Pressing 7* will end your call
  • Pressing 9* will allow you to login to a different member number without ending your call
  • Pressing 0 will allow you to be connected to a Member Service Representative
  • Press 1 to hear the next item on the list

*Touch-Tone® is a registered trademark of AT&T. Not all push-button are Touch-Tone® phones.