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Why preapproval



Top benefits of car shopping with a pre-approval


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Auto loan pre-approval is always a smart idea. Arrange your financing first by speaking to our representatives. This small step can help you avoid overpaying for your car. Here’s why it works so well:

  1. You can find loan terms to fit your budget. Use our website to research your vehicle to find the features that matter most, learning everything you can in one useful place.
  2. It serves as a powerful negotiation tool. Setting up your financing first shows the car salesperson that you’ve thought through the process. You’ll have more control to get the deal you deserve.
  3. Competitive credit union rates. Dealers have access to dozens of financial institutions. When you come in with your credit union pre-approval, you make the financing process easier with the strength of your credit union.


Fall is a great time to get that new car!

Car manufacturers are beginning to showcase new-year models at this time of year. That incentivizes local dealers to offer better prices to get rid of the current year’s inventory. It also gives buyers more negotiating power. You can get a better price while still choosing from the same amount of options (i.e., model, color, etc.).



GrooveCar with Topside FCU

Not only will we help you fund your dream car, but we’ll help you find it too. We partner with GrooveCar to help you research and find the right vehicle at the right price.

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