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Consumer Fee Schedule

(Effective April 4, 2022)
FREE Services
AndroidTM, iPad®, and iPhone® Apps
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Bill Pay
In Branch Coin Machine Services
Direct Deposit
DocuSign Services®
FREE - And Safe, Secure, & Environment Friendly!
Mobile Deposits
Money Matters (Personal Financial Management Tool)
MyCardRules AppTM
Notary Services
Online Banking
VISA Debit Card
Checking & Savings Accounts
Account Research
$20 per hour; 1-hour minimum
Closed Account Return Fee
$32.00 per item
Collection Fee
$25.00 per occurrence
Copy Fee (paid checks, other documents, excluding statements)
$2.00 per item
Garnishment Fee
$50.00 per occurrence
Inactive Account Fee - no transactions for 6 months or more
$5.00 per month
Money Orders
$2.00 per item
NSF (items returned unpaid)
$32.00 per item
Official Checks
$5.00 per item
Overdraft (items paid resulting in a negative balance)
$32.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer (from established Overdraft protection, not Overdraft Privilege
$7.50 per item
Overnight Delivery Fee for Documents
Renew Checking Monthly Fee $10.00 per month
Returned Deposit Item (items deposited or cashed but subsequently returned unpaid)
$20.00 per item
Returned Payment - Credit Card
$20.00 per item
Returned Payment - Mortgage
$15.00 per item
Share Draft Printing
Varies by design
Statement Copies (Interim, Monthly or Quarterly; Available to print in Online Banking for FREE)
$5.00 per statement
Stop Payment on check written by member
$32.00 per item
​Credit/Debit Card & Electronic Transaction
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee
(Foreign ATMs are any non-Topside or Allpoint Network ATMs)
$2 per transaction; 2 free per month
Bill Pay Guaranteed 2 Day ACH Fee
Bill Pay Guaranteed 2 Day Delivery Fee (check)
Bill Pay Overnight Delivery Fee (check)
Card Reissue Fee (ATM, Visa check card, or credit card)
$10.00 per card (1 free per calendar year)
Express Credit or Debit Card
$50.00 per request
Hand Posted ACH Transaction/ACH Exception Fee
$5.00 per transaction
Stop Payment on Credit & Debit transactions, excluding HELOC Visa
$32.00 per item
Wire Transfers (Outgoing; Domestic)
$25.00 per wire
Wire Transfers (Incoming)
$10.00 per wire
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental
3 x 5
5 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
10 x 10 (only available at our Massaponax branch)
Duplicate Safe Deposit Box Key
$15.00 per key