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Consumer Fee Schedule

(Effective June 1, 2021)
FREE Services
AndroidTM, iPad®, and iPhone® Apps
Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
Bill Pay
In Branch Coin Machine Services
Direct Deposit
DocuSign Services®
FREE - And Safe, Secure, & Environment Friendly!
GreenPath Financial Wellness (A nonprofit with 60 years of experience that we partner with to help strengthen our members' financial wellness at every step of their financial journey)
Mobile Deposits
Money Matters (Personal Financial Management Tool)
MyCardRules AppTM
Notary Services
Online Banking
VISA Debit Card
Checking & Savings Accounts
Account Research
$20 per hour; 1-hour minimum
Closed Account Return Fee
$32.00 per item
Collection Fee
$25.00 per occurrence
Copy Fee (paid checks, other documents, excluding statements)
$2.00 per item
Garnishment Fee
$50.00 per occurrence
Inactive Account Fee - no transactions for 6 months or more
$5.00 per month
Money Orders
$2.00 per item
NSF (items returned unpaid)
$32.00 per item
Official Checks
$5.00 per item
Overdraft (items paid resulting in a negative balance)
$32.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer (from established Overdraft protection, not Overdraft Privilege
$7.50 per item
Overnight Delivery Fee for Documents
Returned Deposit Item (items deposited or cashed but subsequently returned unpaid)
$20.00 per item
Returned Payment - Credit Card
$20.00 per item
Returned Payment - Mortgage
$15.00 per item
Share Draft Printing
Varies by design
Statement Copies (Interim, Monthly or Quarterly; Available to print in Online Banking for FREE)
$5.00 per statement
Stop Payment on check written by member
$32.00 per item
​Credit/Debit Card & Electronic Transaction
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee
(Foreign ATMs are any non-Topside or Allpoint Network ATMs)
$2 per transaction; 2 free per month
Bill Pay Guaranteed 2 Day ACH Fee
Bill Pay Guaranteed 2 Day Delivery Fee (check)
Bill Pay Overnight Delivery Fee (check)
Card Reissue Fee (ATM, Visa check card, or credit card)
$10.00 per card (1 free per calendar year)
Express Credit or Debit Card
$50.00 per request
Hand Posted ACH Transaction/ACH Exception Fee
$5.00 per transaction
Stop Payment on Credit & Debit transactions, excluding HELOC Visa
$32.00 per item
Wire Transfers (Outgoing; Domestic)
$25.00 per wire
Wire Transfers (Incoming)
$10.00 per wire
Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental
3 x 5
5 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
10 x 10 (only available at our Massaponax branch)
Duplicate Safe Deposit Box Key
$15.00 per key