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FRAUD ALERT:  Members have reported receiving phone calls from scammers acting as our Fraud Department, asking for card numbers, PIN numbers, and secure access codes. As a reminder, we will NEVER ask you for this information. If you’re in doubt, hang up and call us at 540-663-2181.

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Online Banking


Online Banking

Not only do we provide online banking so you have constant access to your accounts here at the credit union, but we also offer a free app so you can have access on the go! We also provide various features within the app to benefit our members. Learn more about our internet and mobile security safeguards here.

Please note: Members who do not log in to Online Banking for 6 months, will have to re-enroll by clicking on "Enroll" on the top of our website.


Download our app today to keep your finances at your fingertips. Learn more. 


Online Banking Features


Online Banking Topside FCU

Go paperless and stay secure! Enroll in online banking today for the quickest, secure way to receive your e-statements.

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Money Matters

Working on budget

Assess your personal finances in a variety of ways, such as budgets, spending, net worth, debts, trends, and more! Your finances are at your fingertips.

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FICO® Scores

Checking FICO Score

FICO® Scores are numbers that summarize your credit risk. Check your score anytime, from anywhere within your online banking account.

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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit

Deposit Checks from any mobile device, anytime. With Mobile Deposits you can deposit personal and business checks securely and safely from anywhere you have access to your mobile device.

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Bill Pay

Paying bills from phone

Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill? Have you ever forgotten just how many bills you had to pay on the same day? Let us help you remember with our bill pay program! 

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Reorder Checks

Writing a check

Order checks by clicking the button below or by logging into your online banking account, clicking "Services" then "Check Reorder", and selecting the corresponding account. It's simple!

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How you can protect yourself:


computer with lock

Keep your computer secure.

Install reliable antivirus and antispyware software on your computer. 


Update your software.

Update your software regularly to ensure that you’re ready to address vulnerabilities that phishing scams and viruses exploit.


Strengthen your home network.

Install a firewall to limit access to your device while blocking communications from unauthorized sources.


Think before you click.

Never click on a link or open an attachment in an unexpected email or source of communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions about online banking!  Please note: Members who do not log in to Online Banking for 6 months, will have to re-enroll by clicking on "Enroll" on the top of our website, or click here.

  • Not sure what your account number is? Find it in online banking. 

    Log into online banking and you are at the home screen. The numbers you see on your account tiles are partially hidden for security reasons. You will see something like  XXXX###-S0010.  This is not your account number. Please click the account tile and it will open the transaction details page. At the top, click on "Details & Settings," once you click on this you should see your MICR number under your account details.  This MICR number is your account number. If you are still unable to locate it or it's not visible to you, please call us for assistance.

  • How do I transfer funds?

    Transferring funds is simple! We have many options to assist you. 

  • Where's my Touch ID or Facial Recognition?

    Our online banking app is compatible with touch ID/Facial recognition! Just make sure the feature is enabled on your device before trying to set it up.

    Touch ID and Facial Recognition is available for iPhone & Android users.  Make sure you have Touch ID or Facial Recognition enabled on your mobile device. Remember to enable it within online banking under your security settings.

  • How do we protect your information?

    We take cyber security very seriously and we’ll continue to make investments that help protect both customer and employee information.

    We help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. As part of this purpose, cyber security is incorporated into our business practices upfront. Topside Federal Credit Union continuously invests in an Enterprise Information Risk Management Program consisting of written Information Technology Policies and Standards that are designed to safeguard the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These measures were developed in accordance with leading industry guidelines and best practices. Our Program and our Standards provide a framework for managing risks associated with Topside’s information technology resources and mechanisms to identify, assess, and monitor risks to nonpublic personal information.

    Topside Federal Credit Union takes cyber security seriously and we’ll continue to make investments that help protect both customer and employee information. This includes providing the right personnel and resources to our dedicated Information Risk Management Program that is aligned with leading industry guidelines.

  • What are the system requirements?

    Your computer must meet these requirements in order to take advantage of the best online banking experience possible. 

    You must have a computer that has: 

    • Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS x 10.10
    • Available browser updates applied for improved security that provide antivirus and spyware protection. 
    • An internet connection with minimum of 1 Mbps download speed. 

    Satellite connection often has difficulty supporting Hypertext Transfer protocol Secure (HTTPS) applications. Since online banking is HTTPs-encrypted for the safety of your financial information, some satellite cable connections may exhibit slow responses.

  • Is your current browser compatible?

    See if your browser is compatible and find instructions on updating your browser here.

    Note: We encourage end users to configure browsers for automatic updates.  Use the latest version of your browser for the most secure experience in online banking. Our compatibility table (below) can help you determine which browser is best for you.

    Keep your browser up-to-date to keep your data safe and secure.  


    Windows 7

    Windows 8-8.1

    Windows 10

    Mac 10.9+

    IOS 5+

    Android 7.0

    Google Chrome 
    Mozilla Firefox 
    Microsoft Edge - - - - -
    Safari  - - -


    Browser Update Instructions: