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Youth Accounts



Youth Accounts

From their first steps to applying to college, we're here through all of life's milestones. We're helping you and your children develop strong financial habits through every stage of life, so we have great options to get them started early.



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Set your child up for financial success.

It's never too early to help your kids develop strong financial habits!

Youth Saves Account


on the first $500 for those 19 years and younger

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Youth Benefits Program

All youth accounts offer rewards through this program and members between the ages of 0-17 will be automatically enrolled! There are 3 tiers with unique benefits, so click to learn more.

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Why open an account for your child?

It's never to early to open a child's credit union account so they can start building strong financial habits and understanding financial concepts as early as possible. As they grow, let them take some control over their finances while you monitor their progress. 

  • Help your child think about purchases before spending their money
  • Explain the difference between needs & wants
  • Access their money using an ATM or debit card
  • Practice creating and sticking to a budget
  • Become a super saver!
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Youth Resources

See some other services and programs we offer to help youth achieve their financial goals. If you have questions about them or our other products and services, please let us know. We are here to help.


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Every year we offer 5 scholarships to college-bound (or trade school-bound) members. Let us help ease the financial burden these expenses can bring!

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Who said financial education had to be boring? Get paid to learn about finances with this gamified app that rewards you for completing financial education lessons.

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Financial education

a smiling woman signs loan papers to buy a car at a dealership.

From our in school financial education to our adult education initiatives, we're working to educate everyone in our communities.

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