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Fuel Rewards



Scorecard Rewards


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Fuel your life with rewards.

Did you know just by using your Topside FCU debit card you can enjoy a real-time instant fuel price roll back at the pump and save $0.50/gallon up to 20 gallons? Every time you fill up! Just use your Topside FCU debit card with ScoreCard® Rewards at the beginning of your transaction at a participating gas station to save. Keep in mind, this will only be an option if you've accrued enough points (2,000) by using your Topside FCU debit card (you earn 1 point on every $2 spent) on signature or PIN based transactions.


Hand with money


Use your Topside ScoreCard® Rewards card for everyday purchases to earn bonus points. These bonus points can then be used for merchandise and travel awards, or other offers like the fuel discount award!

Credit card


Swipe your Topside ScoreCard® Rewards card at the beginning of your transaction at a participating gas station pump & you’ll be offered an opportunity to redeem points for $0.50 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons!

Piggy bank


Your gas price will roll back at the pump to reflect the discounted price instantly. You’ll be able to enjoy your discounted fuel immediately, without having to use coupons or submit any forms.


Once you arrive at a participating gas station pump, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Swipe your debit card at the beginning of your transaction at the gas station pump*
  2. Once your card is accepted, if you have a rewards balance sufficient to cover the redemption**, the pump will display something like this: “2000pts=$0.50/g?”
  3. Press the “yes” button on the dispenser keypad to redeem the rewards.
  4. Once the payment is approved, the price per gallon will be reduced. If cash & credit pricing is in place, the discount will be taken from the credit pricing.
  5. Select fuel grade and begin fueling. Your receipt will reflect all of your top-notch savings!

What gas stations is this offer valid at?

  • BP & Amoco Fuel
  • CITGO Fuel
  • Murphy USA Fuel
  • Shell Fuel

Learn more on our partner's website and find a participating gas station near you here.


*To locate a gas station near you, click here and then select the fuel brand in navigation, visit the station finder, and enter your zip code. Fuel Discount Awards are only available at participating gas stations and may not be available at the location nearest you. 

**Single use only, valid up to 20 gallons. Any unused rewards on each purchase are forfeited. May not be valid with other offers. Rewards are earned and redeemable at participating stations with operable electronic transaction networks. Terms and conditions apply, for full details view the Rules on