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FRAUD ALERT:  Members have reported receiving phone calls from scammers acting as our Fraud Department, asking for card numbers, PIN numbers, and secure access codes. As a reminder, we will NEVER ask you for this information. If you’re in doubt, hang up and call us at 540-663-2181.

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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a safe and reliable way to transfer funds from an account at one financial institution to an account at a different institution. Financial Institution-to-Financial Institution wire transfers travel through the Federal Reserve System.

To Send a Wire just Click on the "Transfers" tab in the blue side bar on your Online Banking home page.

Select "Recipients"

  1. Click "Add Recipient".
  2. Fill in the recipient details and click "Next".
  3. Fill in account information and click "Create Recipient".
  4. Under the Transfers tab in your blue side bar click "Wire Transfer".
  5. Click "New Payment" and select "Domestic Wire".
  6. Click a subsidiary from the list and click "Next".
  7. Select the account that will receive the payment and click on it.
  8. Select an "Effective Date", you may also select "Set Schedule" to set up a recurring schedule, click "Save".
  9. Do one of the following:
    • If you have the proper Allowed Actions enabled, click or tap "Draft" or "Approve".
    • Click or tap Save.
  10. A confirmation message appears. Click "Close".

If you don't see the option to send a Wire, then please contact us at 540-663-2181 x 2200 for access. 

Incoming Wire Transfers:

To wire funds into your Topside account, please contact your sending/origination financial institution. Provide them with Topside's Routing number (251480398) and your account number. They should be able to send the wire to us with no problem. 

Please be aware there is an incoming wire fee, you can review our fee schedule here.  You may want to adjust the amount you send to include the fee as it will be deducted upon arrival.