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Topside Cares about the Fredericksburg SPCA

Each quarter Topside FCU is partnering with a local non-profit to help spread awareness and highlight their impact in our community. This quarter, we are partnering with our friends over at the Fredericksburg SPCA! 

Any donations made before the end of the first quarter of the year (final day is March 31, 2023), we will match up to $2,500 total! 

Are you a member? Simply donate using the "Donate to Charity" button under transfers in your online banking account and selecting Fredericksburg SPCA.

Not a member? Click the button below to donate!

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Fredericksburg SPCA


Fredericksburg SPCA's mission is to...

...empower our community to join us in ending animal suffering through leadership and action, engagement and learning, compassionate care and adoption, affordable veterinary medicine and resources, and by having the conversation about what it takes to change our culture for the betterment of all living beings.

Donate today!   See their website  


A message from the Interim Executive Director...

"The Fredericksburg SPCA is more than just a shelter. Adoption isn't your only option with us. Our organization recognizes the need for post-adoption support to keep families together. This is why we have big goals of building and expanding robust programs that are accessible to our community. Pet-owning families can come to us for behavior training, veterinary care, and even humane education for the animal advocates of tomorrow. Our supporters help fund the future for a better tomorrow."

- Allie Names, Interim Executive Director


  • Hour the kitten

    A Paneukopenia survivor

    Hour the kitten

    Hour the Kitten

    Sometimes we have to take it hour by hour! Hour is a panleukopenia survivor and was captain of the Stumpy Tail Club here at the Fred SPCA! Panleukopenia is is a highly contagious viral disease caused by the feline parvovirus and is preventable by vaccination. Kittens who are not yet vaccinated are highly susceptible to the disease and it has a high mortality rate. With supportive care from our animal care and medical teams, Hour made it through his illness and our matchmakers found him a new home to call his own.

  • Zeena

    The Senior Dog

    Zeena the senior dog

    Zeena the Senior Dog

    This soulful senior has had quite the journey so far. Zeena first came to the Fred SPCA from Missouri before Christmas in 2017. Pregnant and in immediate need of a place to go, Zeena was rushed by transport to the Fredericksburg SPCA. However, this mama didn't make it to our doors before having her NINE pups en route! Zeena was a great mother, and after her pups were weened and adopted, Zeena wasn't far behind. She found a home with a very loving family who doted on her and gave her everything they possibly could for the past 5 years. Through the years, Zeena developed skin issues and after several vet appointments, testing and treatment, her humans made the extraordinarily difficult decision to surrender her so she could get the help she needed. Her placement back into our care was done out of love and for the past few months, our Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center and animal care technicians have worked hard to get Zeena's skin irritation managed. Zeena will have to be on a hydrolyzed protein diet and medication for life to manage her inflammation. Being a senior and having life-long medication means Zeena needs some extra help finding a home. Our goal is to help place her back into a loving family and so through our Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center, we are offering her food and medication at cost. To help give her a second chance at her happy ending, her adoption fee has been waived. Zeena loves being around kids and snuggling up in a pile of blankets on the bed. Her little piglet noises and soulful eyes will have your heart skip a beat every time she happily greets you! We are grateful that the investment into growing our programs meant that Zeena could have a soft place to land to get the help she needed - now and in the future.


  • Bowser

    Fred SPCA Alumni Bowser and Sarah A. Re: Fred SPCA Behavior Class Testimonial

    Bowser the dog

    Bowser's story

    "When we adopted Bowser from the SPCA, I knew training was something I’d like to pursue with him. He was so timid and frightened in the shelter, but he was such a gentle sweetheart that I knew he’d grow his confidence with a little help. I was so grateful that the SPCA had beginner training classes so we could start working on the basics. Our first day, it took me 30 minutes to get Bowser in the car and when we finally got to the shelter for classes, he refused to cross the threshold. Beth the Behavior Coordinator was so patient and kind with him and she convinced him that school was okay and that it was safe to come inside. Once he was in, he flourished quickly! With Beth’s well-informed guidance and care (and a clicker!), he caught on to the basics in no time and we were even increasing the difficulty levels before too long. We had helpful handouts to review at home so we could keep practicing and stay consistent. By the end of the 6 weeks, Bowser was a different dog! The pup who wouldn’t let me get more than a steps or two away would stay while I went across the room! He knew “sit,” “down,” “touch,” “wait,” “look,” “come,” and “leave it” and was so proud to show us what a good boy he was becoming. I was so pleased with how well he was doing that as soon as we finished the beginner class, I signed him right up for the intermediate class.

    I was thrilled with how much we were able to improve in the next level! Bowser had been apprehensive of strangers, but this class had him listening to and obeying new people and wagging his tail happily while he did it. He learned how to go to his “place” when asked and stay patiently and calmly where he was told, even when I was out of sight completely. We learned how to manage recall even in the midst of distractions, and we learned “leave it” for even more challenging items, like food on the ground during a walk. Bowser LOVES snacks so any food on the floor is his biggest weakness, but we were able to conquer it! By the end of the second 6 week course, I can absolutely say he’s a much more confident dog who loves to show us how well he can listen! I can’t recommend Beth’s classes enough! She really knows her stuff and is so thoughtful in her approach. Bowser learned a lot, but I also learned a ton from her and came away from the classes feeling more confident myself. If your dog already has some basic commands and skills down and you’re looking to build on your existing training knowledge, please consider the intermediate class! Bowser says “5 stars”!" - Sarah A. 

  • Princess Sela

    The Adopted Cat

    Princess Sela

    Adopted Cat: Princess Sela

    Princess Sela was seen in our Fred SPCA Locke Community Medical Center for her eye upon transfer to our facility. It was determined she would need total eye removal, and recovered well in the care of our staff and volunteers at the shelter. During her exam, it was found that our Princess had a heart condition called Pectus Excavatum, a malformation of the sternum which results in a narrowing chest. This condition can be surgically corrected in kittens, but since Princess Sela was older, it was determined the best thing for her would be to find a home that could fill her days with lots of (well-deserved) love! She was adopted by a family whose mom worked in the chiropractic field and knew the human form of her condition. She is being spoiled by the little girls in the family and living her pretty princess days pain-free with lots of love and many soft blankets!

  • Zing

    The Adopted Dog

    Zing the dog

    Adopted Dog: Zing

    Shelters and rescues need your help now more than ever. As a Best Friends Animal Society network partner, the Fredericksburg SPCA is dedicated to lowering euthanasia rates in Virginia by 2025. We do this by transferring many of our animals from vulnerable shelters across Virginia that need the most help. These shelters are often municipal and open intake, meaning they are contractually obligated to take everything that walks through their doors - sick, injured, old, unwanted. Our transfer partners are often located in the rural parts of Virginia, meaning they get less foot traffic for adopters. With more intakes than adoptions, these shelters are faced with making difficult decisions. This means that when the Fred SPCA says yes to transport, the burden of euthanasia is lifted and dogs can get their second chance for a happy ending. Zing was one of those dogs who came in on one of our weekly transports. He was only a year old and eager to learn. Zing came to us extremely stressed with stranger danger and some touch sensitivity so he began working closely with our Behavior Coordinator. He learned 'sit', 'touch', and responds to his name. Zing also came to us Heartworm + and was able to receive his lifesaving treatment in our Locke Community Medical Center before being adopted. It is because of our supporters that we are able to have funding for a behavior department and a clinic so that dogs like Zing can get the second chance they deserve.

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