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To provide the best support possible, we have partnered with Credit Union Mortgage Association (CUMA), an organization that provides mortgage origination, processing, and servicing services to members of credit unions just like ours. The CUMA staff is eager to support your mortgage needs, and operates on Topside’s behalf to make your mortgage process as smooth as possible. Worried that your loan is not really with the Credit Union? Don’t be – the Credit Union is ready to be your lender, relying on CUMA’s expertise to service your loan post-closing.

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Mortgages as low as 1.99%/2.083%APR!

A 5/5 ARM is more stable than a traditional ARM, but that’s not the only benefit! You’ll also start out at an amazing rate.



We offer various Mortgage Loan options to meet all of your home buying needs.



Refinancing can get you a lower monthly payment which means more cash in your pocket today. Read more here to determine if this is the best option for you.



Check out this great feature offered on many of our Mortgage Loans.

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A Federal regulation, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, requires financial institutions to collect and provide mortgage data and periodically make data available to the public.  This data includes information on geographic distribution of loans and applications, ethnicity, race, sex, income of applicants and borrowers as well as information on loan approvals/denials.  Please contact us (540) 663-2181 for information regarding our branch locations where this information is available.

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